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Since 1986, Industrial Equipment Technology, Inc. (IET) has represented some of the most innovative parts washer manufacturers in the USA.

IET is the authorized factory representative for most of the Southeast. We offer technical inspection of your parts, and advise on what type of parts cleaning application you may require. Another service we provide is complimentary test washing of your parts. This allows us to recommend the right process for cleaning your parts, the correct chemistry and parts washer.

We now offer the most comprehensive line of automatic parts cleaning systems available on the market today: Immersion, Spray, Ultrasonic, Rotation, High-Pressure and RTO (Return to Operator).

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Our immersion washing systems are manual or fully automated and can accommodate water based or alternative solvent based processing routines. IET parts washing systems are used for a multitude of applications including critical in-line cleaning and high production processes where downtime is unacceptable such as aerospace, automotive and medical. Our philosophy is that personal health, safety and the environment come first and there can be no compromise or question when it comes to safeguarding these concerns.

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