Drum Parts Washers

Rotary Drum Parts Washers are the most economical method for high volume washing, rinsing, and drying of stamped parts, screw machine parts, small die cast parts etc. Parts are washed by a dual action cleaning process that uses a highly effective spray cleaning, to wash the exterior surfaces, along with immersion cleaning, to flush the inside of the parts under solution.

Rotary drum washers clean small parts in volume. The rotating drum has an internal helix to tumble and convey the parts forward through one or more cleaning stages.

Rotary Drum Parts Washers are ideal for either batch feed or in line parts washing with continuous feeding from various machines including stamping, screw machine, cold heading, die cast, grinding etc.

Rotary Drum Washer Features

  • Various Drum Diameters
  • True Modular Construction
  • Sealess Pumps
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Central Control Station
  • Insulation/Stainless Cladding/Stainless Finish
  • Drying Modules

Various Drum Sizes

IET offers a line of standard drum sizes as well as custom built size to suit our customers’ application. From single lane cellular washers to dual lane washers for higher volume or parts segregation. We are ready for your cleaning challenge.

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Rotary Drum Parts Washer's Efficient Design

Our Rotary Drum Parts Washers save up to 50% floor space because of the more efficient parts washing and drying design while providing a cost effective and efficient method of cleaning and drying high volume parts.