Immersion Parts Washers

Immersion Technology is defined as the use of a combination of mechanical motions within a liquid bath or drying chamber to facilitate a specific process objective. The process can be general cleaning for applications like degreasing, precision cleaning, or stripping of soils such as oil, grease, dirt, polishing compounds, carbon, paint, casting residues, oxides, etc.

Manufacturing processes for many industries including Auto, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Food and Cosmetics industries have many items that cannot be cleaned in place such as pipes, hoses, clamps, gaskets, fittings and other disassembled machine parts. So how does a manufacturer clean these disassembled process parts? By utilizing an Immersion Parts Washer.

Immersion Parts Washers use a process where the cleaning solution comes in contact with the entire surface of the parts that are to be cleaned, which is preferred for parts that must be placed in baskets and for processes requiring a long soaking time because of the type of contamination to be removed or the shape of the parts.

Immersion cleaning is one of the fastest and most effective cleaning processes and can be used with traditional cleaning solvents as well as aqueous detergents, heated (aqueous only) or at room temperature.

When deciding what Immersion Parts Washing system to utilize, it is important to consider the size, shape, and configuration of the parts to be cleansed. Massive weights, large surface areas, acute angles, occluded sections, and blind holes can pose special problems, independent of the contaminant(s) to be removed or the chemical cleaner to be used. Complete and proper cleaning of all parts can only result when all of these physical variables are taken into consideration.

Simple and Rugged

Immersion parts washers are designed for the removal of oils and dirt from a wide spectrum of components by using a simple and rugged pneumatically powered reciprocating platform. The immersion chamber is engineered to adapt a variety of auxiliary items, as required by the application, to heighten the chemical and/or mechanical activity of the cleaning solution.

Typical Applications

  • Removal of oil and chips from machined components, castings and housings.
  • Removal of buffing and lapping compounds.
  • Cleaning prior to welding, deburring, brazing, or blasting.
  • Precision cleaning prior to assembly or final packaging.
  • General washing for maintenance, rework and/or remanufacturing.
  • Carbon, rust, ink and paint removal.
  • Passivation, phosphating, alodine.
  • FPI – preclean, FPI process, and post clean.
  • Tube washing.

Due to their unique modular design, these immersion washers can be combined to suit any need. As an example they can be placed side by side, doing so would require less space and can form a wide variety of multi-stage systems with a broad spectrum of cleaning options such as wash/rinse/dry, or pre-wash/wash/rinse/rinse/dry.

Immersion Parts Washers ensure efficiency and safety

Immersion Parts Washers are designed to maximize cleaning, while minimizing cycle time and promoting worker safety, which provides your company with cleaning confidence and a boost to your bottom line. They completely eliminate the need to clean parts by hand. The transport elevator automatically processes the work. Valuable labor is saved for more cost effective operations. Simply load - flip a switch - unload. It's that easy!

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flexible cleaning capabilities!

Most Immersion Parts Washers do not take up much floor space and can accommodate a wide variety of component sizes and configurations. A wide spectrum of cleanliness levels can be satisfied. Starting with the basic modular system, you can add additional agitation apparatus and/or effluent controls to meet your needs.

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