Industrial Hot Air Parts Dryers

Our Hot Air Parts Drying Systems are designed to be the most efficient and economical parts dryers available.

The foam-insulated, double-walled heavy duty stainless steel construction ensures quick heat-up time and long equipment life.

The air in the drying chamber is continuously circulated, making the dryers significantly more energy-efficient than dryers that exhaust large amounts of heated air. All air passes through an in-line air filter so only clean, hot air is directed at the work piece.

Whether your parts are medical instruments, jewelry, automotive equipment, or aerospace components; whether you need to dry one small basket or several hundred racks per hour, IET has drying equipment to suit your needs.

Industrial Hot Air Parts Dryer Features

  • Stainless steel structural framework
  • Digital readout temperature controller
  • Safety controls
  • High velocity convection blower
  • Variable-speed drive

Effective and Inexpensive

Our Hot Air Dryers offer the low production facility or laboratory an effective and inexpensive drying option.

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Customize the Drying Process

High capacity variable speed drive offers the ability to customize the drying process to accommodate the work piece and production rate.