Rotary Basket Parts Washers

The Rotary Basket Parts Washer is designed to clean parts that are best suited to being tumbled, rotated, immersed, and sprayed for proper cleaning. It offers the cleaning system needed for parts with blind holes, internal holes, cavities, threads, and those small parts that tend to nest preventing total cleaning. The hydraulic action of the fluid entering and evacuating the cavities offers excellent cleaning and rinsing.

Basic range of rotary basket parts washers for washing and degreasing small and medium-sized parts in manufacturing, maintenance and repair processes. Suitable for manufacturing plants and mechanical shops with small production runs.

We offer manual or automatic unload as well as single or multi-stage configuration which includes spray/immersion, wash and rinse, line rinse and dry, and ultrasonic wash and rinse. Customers can choose their preferred basket capacity (2, 4, 6, or 8) and our rotating basket fixture can be designed to accommodate a wide variety of part sizes and geometrics, including cargo weights as large as 600 lbs.

Rotary Basket Parts Washer Features

  • Industrial washing/degreasing of any type of part
  • Multiple basket diameters available
  • Automatic washing cycle
  • Easy to install and put into service
  • Heated or unheated versions
  • Top load parts washer
  • Designed and built to measure

Various Basket Sizes

Industrial Equipment Technology, Inc. (IET) offers a line of standard basket sizes as well as custom built size to suit our customers’ application. Got an industrial cleaning problem and need a Rotary Basket Parts Washer, contact us below.

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